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UITableView example: cliqcliq Colors


Cliqcliq’s Colors is a handy app for creating color palettes.  I like how they’ve customized the table view with simple but effective graphics.

This is the main screen of the app, and seems to be based on a standard UITableView.  Everything under the header bar scrolls, just like you’d expect.

They have simply set the cell backgrounds to simple gradient, and added nice looking icons for a dash of color.  Not a lot of work but it’s nice polish.

I’ll ding them on the garish color choices, and the “user” icon in the top left.  [It takes you to the ubiquitous login page, but I didn’t know it was a button till I started to write this article!]



Here is their settings page.  Oddly enough this page doesn’t scroll, it’s probably just a simple UIView.  It has a nice clean look, with simple gradients.  The text for the switches is legible & easy to understand.  

A minor ding for the highlighting on Login/Signup is a little strange looking, like a group header that wants to be on a UITableView.