Oh Wow.

These are the last words of Steve Jobs, repeated three times to his family.  His sister, the novelist Mona Simpson, has generously shared these private moments with the public in this article.

With his family gathered around him, her eulogy suggests he spoke those words over their shoulders, looking at something they couldn’t see.

What was he experiencing at that moment?  The details are his alone, a private secret he took with him.   But any mystic can recognize the feeling of exhilaration and wonder in his words; he was seeing beyond the veil between the worlds.

But there’s also a feeling of certainty.  He was seeing something wondrous and he knew it was real.  These are fingerprints of spiritual lesson, a lesson many of us will receive before we pass; by sharing this moment with us, his sister give us all an opportunity to share in Steves moment of certainty.



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